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كورس التسويق الرقمي + استشارة تسويقية

When we were designing this course we had THREE points in mind

Our Concept

    • Your Business, Marketing and Sales planning ,strategies and logic should have the customer at the CENTER. Although this goes without saying but it is always forgotten or ignored throughout the process.(Customer At the Center)

    • We had our Trainees (you) in mind to prepare them to excel in their endeavor in Marketing, Sales and Business Logic.

    • Agencies usually look at marketing from different perspectives due to Variety of industries they are handling, contrary To Companies and organizations Marketing Teams, and that is an Advantage that you need.
 we had THREE Goals in mind


    • WE aim to provide YOU with the knowledge about business advantages of digital marketing and its importance for Marketing success.

    • Trainee(You) will be able to play his/her role as a Digital Marketer/ Social Media Marketer/Facebook Marketer/Content Marketer/ECommerce entrepreneur in the local/international Marketplace.

    • The application of the gained knowledge, skills and competences will help the future YOU (Trainee) in forming a digital marketing plan in order to manage a digital marketing performance efficiently.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to

Learning Outcome

    • Explore how to develop social media marketing initiatives that are designed to meet business objectives.

    • Explore real-life case studies, best practices, and driven techniques. Create a strategically-focused social media marketing plan that integrates with other marketing activities and helps you establish and maintain an effective online presence. (that goes beyond Facebook and Instagram)

    • Measure the effectiveness of social marketing activities

    • Understand the Buyer Journey, Personas & when to use each of them.

    • Exploring Marketing Models/ Theories and when to use each.

    • Analyze the effectiveness of your company's and competitors' Digital Marketing.

    • Understand copywriting, content writing & creative copy writing Work with Digital marketing quotations and budgets estimates and their control. (Agency Business side).

    • Develop and implement Facebook and Instagram for Ads and their underlying stages from page setup and identity to creating a community.

    • Explore SEO and SEM, Organic vs Paid and SEO And Google Ads eco-system.

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